Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Our Merry Christmas

This is what we thought Christmas would be like:

 This is what Christmas turned out to be:
I'll start with Christmas Eve--we ate spaghetti and meatballs, which is a dinner we have at least once a week, but it was the only thing I could think to fix.  As I started to boil the water for the spaghetti, Scott got a call from his boss that his mom had fallen in the parking lot of the store.  They spent the night at the ER where they learned her nose was broken.  On the homefront, Chaim cried while I tried to time the meatballs, pasta, and garlic bread.  At various intervals, the phone would ring and I would try to answer it.  We had just purchased smartphones, and I had absolutely no clue how to answer a call.  I kept touching the little green phone, but that didn't work.  I would try to call Scott back, but he couldn't answer the calls either.  The girls stayed busy during this chaotic night by watching Incredibles.  I know--it's not a classic Christmas movie by any stretch of the imagination, but they had watched every Christmas movie during the week of sickness, and this was their choice.  Finally, before going to bed, we put out Nilla cookies, milk, and a cough drop.  I hadn't cooked anything in a week so we resorted to Nillas, and the cough drop was Juliet's idea.  In her words:  "I'll bet Santa has a cough like us--he'll like the cough drop."  He did.  To complete it, the only special plate we could find was my Hanukkah plate with Hebrew writing and a menorah.  The girls thought it was pretty, and that the writing was some form of elfish language.  Again--I saw no reason to correct them.  Before putting the girls to bed, I told them the Christmas story using their Fischer Price Little People Nativity set.  They went to bed happy, even with their sniffles and coughs.

Christmas Day was great--opened presents, played with the presents, and stayed in our jammies all day long.  This was part because we wanted to, and part because none of us had any energy from being sick.  We watched the girls' new DVD, Snow White, while inhaling VapoRub.  For Christmas dinner, the girls had hot dogs, which they considered the best Christmas dinner ever.  Scott and I had ribs, which sounds better than it was.  It was my first time making ribs, and I thought more dry rub was a good thing.  It most definitely is NOT a good thing; the heat was so much we literally cried while eating them.   

Finally, we said goodnight and wished each other a final Merry Christmas.  Can't wait to see what happens for New Year's...

Saturday, March 15, 2014

How Long?

Days turned to weeks, turned to months, turned to many months.  I wish I could say that I was travelling the world, or we were in the middle of building a house, or that we had a baby.  But the reality is that the furthest I've traveled in the last eight months was to Provo, Utah (the least exotic place I know), the biggest home project we have done was to install a new sink in the kitchen (which I did not help with at all, and actually took the girls on a picnic so that Scott could work), and finally--we are still a family of four...

Picture taken in August of last year--but I think we all basically look the same.  Well, except me.  That is where our "family of four" will be changing.  I'm officially one trimester down, and baby #3 is due in September.  I am one of those lucky women that gains weight as soon as she gets pregnant, breaks out in the worst case of acne, and is sick for 9 months.  Is it any wonder that it's been three years since I signed up for this?

We told the girls on Monday:  we combined it with Family Home Evening, and had a little lesson on families.  We're still not sure if they understand the concept, because even after we explained that the baby will be a part of our family, Noel's one question was "How Long?"  We told her the baby was due in September, to which she said, "No--how long will the baby stay with us?"  According to her, a rent-a-baby situation would be ideal.  Juliet doesn't believe there is a baby in my tummy, since she can't see it.  She just thinks I'm getting really chubby.  Isn't that nice?  They are both relieved that the reason I am sick is for the baby; however, the concern is now entirely for the baby.  If I throw up--no big deal, just as long as the baby in my tummy is doing just fine.

So...there is the update on our life.  Hope this update was somewhat worth waiting for:-)