Sunday, March 24, 2013

Goodbye, Snow!

Noel is sad that we finally have grass in our front yard, instead of the 2-feet snow cover we had for several months.  She was happy making snowballs all day long.

On the other hand, Juliet is elated.  Anytime we went outside, she insisted on sitting in a chair, where she couldn't fall into the "wet stuff".  

Scott is in denial--he keeps hoping for one last big snowstorm.  He loves winter more than anyone else I know.  And me?  I'm just excited that I don't have to bundle up the kids in polar snowsuits every time we go to the store.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bob the Builder

It's funny how 90% of what I say to the girls gets lost in translation and 95% of what I do never gets noticed.  But once in awhile they pay attention, and that is why I'm still hearing "Bob the Builder" referred to as "Jesus".  The full story:

We had planned to go to Salt Lake for Christmas Eve, but a blizzard hit early afternoon.  Suddenly, I was in the middle of making Fettucine Alfredo and planning a nativity scene.  I had been counting on my sister for costumes, my mother as the director and job was only to enjoy the production.  But here we were, and not wanting the night to end without reading the Christmas story, I snagged some toys from the girls' rooms and set up a kid-friendly version of Luke 2.  We had some farm animals and a little manger--but no baby, so we used the little "Bob the Builder" figure holding a shovel.  And that is the 5% they noticed.

It's March, and several times a week, they still set up a nativity, and make sure that "Bob the Builder-Jesus" is center stage.  I think I'll start planning for December now.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The "Half-Monte"

I waffled back and forth for the past month--should I sign up for this half-marathon?  Should I wait?  Am I going to regret it?  Am I going to have time to train?  And most importantly:  am I going to be able to eat chocolate while I'm training?  During all this questioning and wondering, Scott was ever-supportive.  He only said, "If you want to enter--go for it."  He's very smart with things like that--he knows to be supportive, without specific directions on what I should do.  On the other hand, if he is not excited a little bit, I'll wonder if I can really do it.  What can I say?  I have a tendency to over-analyze.  Just a bit.

But tonight, I only had 2 hours left before registration went up $10.00.  I'm too cheap to spend ten more dollars because I was slow to commit, so I finally did it.  I'm going to run the Huntsville Half-Marathon, known as the "Half-Monte" in September.  (The full marathon is the "Full Monte"...named for the beginning of the race:  Monte Cristo, not the film).  It's been YEARS since my last major race, and I feel like a beginner all over again.  Well, run or jog, I'm going to cross that finish line.  And that's the big news of my day.  :-)