Saturday, March 15, 2014

How Long?

Days turned to weeks, turned to months, turned to many months.  I wish I could say that I was travelling the world, or we were in the middle of building a house, or that we had a baby.  But the reality is that the furthest I've traveled in the last eight months was to Provo, Utah (the least exotic place I know), the biggest home project we have done was to install a new sink in the kitchen (which I did not help with at all, and actually took the girls on a picnic so that Scott could work), and finally--we are still a family of four...

Picture taken in August of last year--but I think we all basically look the same.  Well, except me.  That is where our "family of four" will be changing.  I'm officially one trimester down, and baby #3 is due in September.  I am one of those lucky women that gains weight as soon as she gets pregnant, breaks out in the worst case of acne, and is sick for 9 months.  Is it any wonder that it's been three years since I signed up for this?

We told the girls on Monday:  we combined it with Family Home Evening, and had a little lesson on families.  We're still not sure if they understand the concept, because even after we explained that the baby will be a part of our family, Noel's one question was "How Long?"  We told her the baby was due in September, to which she said, "No--how long will the baby stay with us?"  According to her, a rent-a-baby situation would be ideal.  Juliet doesn't believe there is a baby in my tummy, since she can't see it.  She just thinks I'm getting really chubby.  Isn't that nice?  They are both relieved that the reason I am sick is for the baby; however, the concern is now entirely for the baby.  If I throw up--no big deal, just as long as the baby in my tummy is doing just fine.

So...there is the update on our life.  Hope this update was somewhat worth waiting for:-)