Thursday, June 4, 2015


These are one-liners I'd like to remember. 

Juliet:  I just need a moment before I'm ready to get out of the car.  (Sometimes it's just so exhausting)

Noel:  ...I know, right?  (She says this at the end of a seemingly obvious statement)

Chaim:  (genius, right?)

Noel:  I don't want to talk about it.  (After falling off the bench at dinner.)

Juliet:  I can do jump-overs now!  (a.k.a. somersaults)

Noel:  It's been a big day.  ( is exhausting)

Juliet:  It's okay mom...this is zero.  (I told her she could have 3 Hershey's kisses...she changed it to 4 by starting at zero.  Smart girl) 

Scott:  I'm not mad...(pause with realization)...are you mad?  (I loved this moment of our conversation)

Juliet:  Maybe I can do it when I'm five?  (anything that she'd like to do, but is not allowed to do, ranging from cooking dinner to eating an entire cake after dinner)

Juliet:  That's just a little naughty, right?  (holding up her fingers to signify "little")

Noel:  He looks more funner.  (Her assessment of why Andy Murray should win a tennis match she endured watching with me)

Juliet and Noel:  Let's rock-n-roll!  (As they pile in the car to go anywhere)