Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Problem with Diets

I made a massive error - I made resolutions on January 1st, and promptly began working on them January 2nd.  There were goals to be better spiritually, be better as a mom, and of course - the obligatory goal of becoming healthier. was only halfway obligatory.  I really do want to be healthier this year.  At least, I want to be healthier than I was in December.  Last month, I was on a quest to eat every yummy holiday treat that our neighbors delivered, plus some that I made myself.  This "quest" quickly turned to a session of self-loathing when I stepped on the scale January 2nd. 

As I berated myself for all the sweets I had consumed over the past few weeks, my husband attempted to understand my dilemna.  Scottie approaches New Year's Goals quite differently - he waits until the third week of January to really hammer out his aspirations for the coming year.  He says that he doesn't want to fight the rush on self-improvement, and so while others are turning a new leaf, he's enjoying all the candy that goes on sale after the holidays and egg-nog that people won't buy because they too, have started their diets. 

I am the opposite - the feeling of self-improvement sweeps over me on the first of January, followed by guilt on the second.    I made several health goals this year:  get on the treatmill 3 times a week, run a 5K, and limit my sweets.  I say limit, because anything less than my prior consumption of fudge and yogurt-covered pretzels would be a step in the right direction.  The problem is that once I stepped on the scale, I was so depressed that all I wanted to do was eat that yogurt-covered pretzel...or two...or twenty.  I'm trying even now to not think about food...

The difficult moment comes in spite of the fact that I am motivated to eat better, or to exercise, or to avoid the hot fudge brownie sundae.  There are moments when I just say, "get out of my way...give me the cookie!"  And my husband does.  (I have to ask my husband, because I have previously begged him to hide the bag of cookies)

The ultimate problem with diets is that you have to be committed to them longer than 3 days.  This becomes difficult when you start salivating at the mention of chocolate cake.  But hopefully, this year, I'll not only have a "New Year's Resolution", but rather be resolute in my "be healthy" goals.  So when tomorrow comes, I'm going to get on the treadmill, and avoid the scale.  And be committed to being healthy for one more day.

                               ...and that is not the number I saw on my scale!


Faith said...

Not stepping on the scale is always a good idea. I haven't stepped on one in years. Just focus on eating my vegetables and finding new yummy ways to cook healthhy foods, and go on walks around the park :)

Good luck!

Kim said...

Health is a good goal for all of us...
But those cookies are so hard to resist :)