Friday, April 13, 2012

An American - Foreign Film

I had pestered Scott for the past four months that I wanted to see "Hugo", and he finally relented.  The Academy Awards gave it "Best Special Effects" and a few other awards, and so we kept checking at RedBox to rent it.  Last Friday we rented it - and Scott has now made an executive decision:  I will never again be allowed to choose the friday night movie. 

Have you seen it?  There's a great 60-second message, but for the rest of the 2 hours, we kept saying, this is the strangest movie.  I had to tell myself to think of it as a foreign film, and that made it a little better.  But for some reason, we felt compelled to finish it.  There is always that hope that the movie will get better in the next 5 minutes, and so we stayed up until midnight watching a movie that we could only label as unique and foreign.

We seem to go through periods of choosing bad movies.  Just uninteresting, long, weird, void of symbolism movies.  We hear about a movie, and even though no one else has seen it or recommended it, we check it out, convinced that we are on to a great discovery.  It never pans out - we only discover why everyone was silent on the topic.  A few years ago we watched several horrid films in one month:  Australia, The Curious Tale of Benjamin Button, The Band's Visit, and Where The Wild Things Are.  If you liked any one of those three films, maybe you were in a movie rut as well.  I won't go through the pitfalls of each movie - except that as we left the theatre after each one - I heard several people say "There's two hours of my life I'll never get back."  And I felt the exact same way. 

It's Friday night again, and under no conditions am I allowed to rent a movie without Scott's consent.  We'll see what tonight brings... Maybe this is why we stick to super-hero movies.  You feel good at the end and you know that Superman fights for truth, justice, and the American Way.


summer said...

We have one for you - well, at least I think you'd enjoy it. Bryson & I have realized that if we are going to both enjoy a movie it needs to be a true story (or at least as close to it as possible...say, Downton Abbey :)) Anyway, we watched a show tonight which we really liked - The Perfect Game. It's about a group of boys in Monterrey, Mexico that end up through a series of miracles form a Little League Team and come to America for games that they are not meant to win. It's an amazing story - the beginning is VERY SLOW! Just to warn you - don't give up on it though - it is great, funny and all over good feeling movie. Maybe you'll like something like that?

Sorry I missed you & Mom tonight - definitely let's plan for another time! Love you

Bonnie said...

I actually totally loved Hugo. I love old films and I loved seeing all the footage of old films. I loved the word choice that they used throughout the whole movie. I loved the little subplots and how it all came together. It was definitely unusual and different but I loved it. I would never put it on the same scale as Where the Wild Things Are...that was just atrocious :D

Maybury said...

I appreciate the warning! Thanks for saving me 2 hours of my life.

Brooke said...

That's funny Bonnie - obviously you could choose Academy Wards! And the footage of old films is what really put me over the edge, so I'm not sure we could ever movie notes!

Bonnie said...

Haha that is funny. We should obviously stick to comparing books and talking about those :D

Romneys said...

We watched Mirror Mirror this last weekend in the theater. I enjoyed it. On the surface, it's overall a fun story to experience to escape from life for a couple hours, but, in my opinion, you can analyze the deeper messages... :)