Friday, June 15, 2012

Moving Day #1

We moved a week ago, but it's only the first of two such days.  Our "Short Sale" hasn't gone through, so we moved in with Scott's Aunt.  We hope to be in our home by the end of the summer, but we're learning that "short sale" is the worst misnomer we've had to deal with personally.  So, until then, we are the grateful guests of Aunt Barbara. 

I suppose I should have lots of memorable, sentimental things to say about our apartment...but I don't.  I don't miss the fridge that continually leaks, or the fire alarm placed exactly over the stove.  I don't miss the upstairs neighbors flushing the toilet every time I hop in the shower.  I don't think I'll miss sweating in the middle of August without central air or even a swamp cooler.  Nope, I don't think I'll miss any of those things.

Then again, I already miss the people.  The neighbors have watched the girls multiple times when I needed to run down to school...or just take a shower.  I'll miss visiting with friends while the kids played together.  I'll miss their examples and encouraging words.  I'll miss laughing about life and kids and church callings and a hundred other topics we covered over the backyard fence.  I don't exactly know if I told them that all the little things they did really made a difference.  I think I've told them, but can you say "thank you" too many times to people that have lifted you so often?

We lived there four years - almost to the day - and it was the place where we changed from a newlywed couple to a family of four.  So even though I'm not sentimental about the actual house, I'm a little sentimental that this chapter of our lives is at an end.  Scottie keeps reminding me that the next chapter will be wonderful - full of new friends, new adventures, and our own house.  But I did allow myself to be melancholy during the move, say some goodbyes, and think back on the first chapter of our family story. 

Scottie and I as the "Newlywed Couple" opening presents.  We still don't know what this is - it resembles a bird feeder, but we use it as a candy dish.

Add Noel...

Add Juliet...

And suddenly, we are a family of four...


Maybury said...

Yeah! A friend of ours says the only thing about a short sale that is short is the price. Otherwise it should be known as a long sale!
We were more sad to leave our house than our apartment. We will not be sad what so ever to leave the apartment we are in.
I hope the sale moves quickly.

Romneys said...

So I'm a little late in reading your blog...but...where did you guys move?