Friday, October 12, 2012

This Week's Nemesis: Sticker Weeds

Last Saturday, I had a brief window without any responsibilites.  Scott and Juliet were napping, Noel was on an outting with Aunt Barbara, and I had a couple hours before the afternoon session of General Conference.  I grabbed a small water bottle, jumped on my bike, and started on the trail that connects North Ogden to Brigham City. The first five miles were wonderful--I got past the neighborhood, and was soon going past farms and irrigation ditches.  The path turned north around the mountain, and the breeze was just enough to make me think, this day is perfect

Somtime during the next few miles, I went through a patch of sticker weeds and my front tire was covered.  At this point, I made the colossal error.  The mistake that changed the bikeride to a hike in three seconds flat.  I got off my bike and pulled the sticker weeds out of my tire.  If I had been thinking logically, I would have realized they were acting as plugs, but I'm not much of a logical person.  And I'm definitely not logical when I'm out on a bikeride enjoying nature.  I'm most vulnerable at that moment, thinking that the world is perfect for me, and nothing will disrupt my own little utopia.  As if we can ever be that lucky...

I unplugged several sticker weeds, not connecting the dots until it was too late.  I also happened to be in a spot that was close to nothing, and had no options but to turn around and begin walking back.  Suddenly, that beautiful scenery that had whirled past while I had been on my bike was unbelievably boring on the walk home. 

For the next several hours, I alternated between walking and jogging with my bike.  I alternated between telling jokes inside my head and telling jokes out loud to myself.  I alternated between the pros of taking a bikeride alone (solitude), and the cons of taking a bikeride alone (extended solitude).  Several hours later, I finally arrived home.  Scott and Juliet were still asleep, Noel was still on her outting, and I walked into the house without anyone concerned for my safety.  Five minutes later--Juliet woke up, Noel arrived home--and I suddenly saw the benefits of extended solitude, albeit too late.   I'll have to be thankful for the sticker weeds next time I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere. 


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Anonymous said...

Love, love, love this. My favorite thing is that you had some time alone and you decided to grab a water bottle and go for a bike ride. You are awesome, Brooke! I would have driven in my car to Target and walked around aimlessly as I ate popcorn from their snack bar.