Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'm Lost (Really)

We closed on the house last Tuesday, and my mind stopped working.  Here's the best of many moments when I lost it, or was lost, as the case may be: 

~~~~~I went jogging towards Ben Lomond.  Suddenly I was out of neighborhoods and in a new development.  I tried to keep track of where I turned, but every road started to look the same.  The entire development is roads; a total of 5 houses in the 4-miles of cul-de-sacs, dead-ends, and sagebrush.  After going down one very long dead-end that I had to run back up, I called Scottie.  (Yes, I remembered to take my cell phone this time). 

"Come pick me up," I moaned, "I'm lost." 

I waited, and waited, and got a call back after 20 minutes.  

"Where are you?"   He lamented. 

He had gotten lost in the same neighborhood, driving the car to find me.  I won't be running there again.

~~~~~Driving home on the freeway one night, the car stopped.  I kept pressing the gas pedal, but it wouldn't work.  I made it to the sidelane before the car lurched to a stop.  Looking at the backseat, I breathed in relief:  both girls were sound asleep.  Looking outside, my chest tightened again:  semis seemed to be careening towards our little Honda Accord, then swerving to the left at the last moment.  My solution?  Call Scott.  

"The car stopped--I'm stuck on the freeway."  I started retelling the events, when he broke in. 

"Start the car."  He said, "Now, go get gas." 

Yup--the car started, I made it to a gas station, and we haven't had another problem.  It turns out that the line going below "empty" is more reliable than the neon green light that shouts "empty".  Who knew?

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