Friday, August 7, 2015

Update on Becoming

Just wanted to update:  it's Friday and I have practiced the piano FOUR times since Monday.  And...I love it.  Chaim still reaches up for the keys, plinking out his own melody while the girls amuse themselves with some make-believe game.  It was 20 minutes that I took from laundry, from dishes, even from playing a game with the kids.  But the trick of it is this:  those 20 minutes made me a happier mom for the next SIX hours.  I still played the Tangled game with the girls (a painful game to play, I must add), chased Chaim around after his nap, and took all 3 kiddos to the playground.  I was definitely more patient for requests for another snack and an extra five minutes on the swings.  The reason for this super patience?  I think it's because I took time to practice the piano, to invest a little time on becoming the person I want to become.  By the way...I am past the first two lines of the piece.  I'm actually making some progress, however slow it is. 

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