Sunday, July 7, 2013

Temple Square #2

Here are more pics of our day at Temple Square.  We met up with my cousin Star, and her kiddos:  Darian and Alani.  Alani is 2 1/2--right in between my girls!  They loved having a cousin their own size to run and play with.

Whenever we go to Temple Square, we get at least one picture of the girls attempting to dive into the fountain.  They are always disappointed that I stop them.  

We have never lived close to our cousins, and we all wish it was otherwise. 

                                        Summer, Star, (Noel in background:-), Me, My Mom

Darian and Star

We love our cousins!


Star said...
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Star said...

Love, love, love these pictures! So glad we came out and got to visit with you guys!

Maybury said...

I love your girls! It was so much fun to see them in real life. Thanks for coming to Celeste's baby blessing. You did leave your knife and cutting board at my mom's house. I know you go up to Barbara's and Becky's on occasion. Just give her a call and if they aren't going to be home someone can leave it on the back door or something. Her number is 782-7553. Thanks again!