Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Temple Square

The girls love Temple Square, and I especially love it during May when the tulips are in bloom.  We made a day out of it, and the girls were pretty good sports about having their pictures taken multiple times.  I borrowed my sister's camera (again!), because it is so much better than my own and I love being able to capture their expressions that get blurred with a simple point-and-shoot.

The girls love, love, LOVE the temple!  They call it "Jesus' house".  Noel even walked up the giant stairs on the east side of the temple and knocked on the big doors.  When nothing happened, she said, "Mom--why isn't Jesus opening the door?"  I love her faith and understanding that the temple truly is the 
House of the Lord.  

Every once in awhile, Noel slows down enough to give me sweet hugs, a kiss on the cheek, and says, "You are my mommy...I love my mommy!"  She is very adamant about the "my" part, it must be part of the 3-year old stage claiming your territory and possessions!

The smile that steals my heart!  Juliet is our tenderheart and imp all wrapped into one.  She gives giant hugs, wet kisses, and teases her big sister all day long.  

                                              No child has ever loved rocks more than Juliet.

Grandma Joy helped us all through the afternoon, which is probably why the girls were such good sports about taking so many pictures.  They love her and are always asking for the next adventure with their dear Grandma Joy. 

Finally, Jules just laid down and called the day.  And even then, I had to snap one more picture.  

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