Monday, August 26, 2013


I always hate it when people say, "Oh, I'm getting so old."  I refuse to be old!  I refuse to feel old!  Which is why, against the law of physics, Scott and I went down several slides at 7 Peaks in a double tube, flipped over twice, and are both now covered in bruises.

We have no picture or video of this hilarious water park experience...but you can imagine my head under Scott's knee with the tube on top of both of us.  We flailed around corners and down 10-foot drops, trying to turn around before we were ejected from the slide to the pool.  Our entrance was so horrible the lifeguard offered to help us find an EMT.

For some reason, we went down another slide.  Same outcome.

I am now saying, "Wow, I'm old."  Old enough to be okay with hanging out in the kiddie pool with the girls.

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