Saturday, April 13, 2013

Support the Good

For the past few months, I've mulled over what role I play in society.  How active should I be in the community?  And--where can I find the time to actually be more active in the community?  In my job, I see many needs--students need tutoring in subjects, mentoring with service projects, and someone to point them in the right direction.  But what is my role?  Is it enough to help an individual student, or should I be doing something more?  Should I be part of a group that fights all the moral decay--or do I do something individually?

One day--I had an eye-opener.  I don't necessary have to fight evil to be doing good; I can actively support good.  I thought this when I was helping students raise funds to go to Girls State and Boys State.  Baking chocolate chip cookies by the dozen doesn't necessarily seem like a ground-shaking movement, but the reality is that one student wouldn't be able to attend without financial help.  A great kid that really loves history, wants to study law, but never had a chance before this year.   Somewhere between putting the chocolate chips in the KitchenAid and standing at a table asking people to buy the cookies--I realized that I need to do more to actively support good.  To help give kids great opportunities that will help them--rather than telling them all about the things they shouldn't do that will get them in trouble.

That's all.  Just a thought about supporting the good.

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Aimee said...

Only wonderful things come from attending girls/boys state, right? Great job.