Monday, December 5, 2011

In Love with our VCR

I noticed the other day that my outfit looked somewhat like it was from the 80's. Not 80's meets 2011...just 80's. I was wearing argoyle knee-highs, a denim skirt, and a red turtleneck. I asked my husband how I looked, and he politely said the only thing he could say: "You look very nice."

He didn't expand, and it got me to thinking about my sense of fashion, or rather my complete lack thereof. I think I've started dressing more and more like '80s vintage because I'm watching more and more videos from the '80s. The reason why? We own a VCR. Yup--an old-fashioned VCR/DVD combo that you can't even buy unless you hit a garage sale. The only downfall to this is that you can't buy new videos; we're stuck with hand-me-downs from friends and relatives who have abandoned their VCRs, and upgraded to DVDs and BluRay. We are officially 2 steps behind the technological world, and it's starting to show in my fashion.

The clothes I wear look oddly like they came from the set of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun". I think curduroy pants are wonderful, and I could wear rugby-polos every day of the week. To add to this, I wear windpants that haven't been in style since 1992. My hair is naturally curly, and lately I haven't had time to style it. I'm sporting a somewhat frizzy look that would have been chic 25 years ago. Imagine the brushed-out perm look that you wore in Elementary School. Not 80's meets 2011, just straight-up 80's. No wonder I'm getting stares!

I suppose my fashion trend will continue as long as the videos last, which comes closer everytime one of the videos dies in the machine - the tape becomes lodged in the VCR, and we say goodbye to another classic from the 80's. Until then, I'll be the one at the grocery store in argoyle socks, a denim skirt, and that red turtleneck. Say hi when you see me.


summer said...

you're so cute - even in argyle socks and a denim skirt! Alternately, you could be watching Anne of Green Gables and dressing from that time-period, although that might be quite a bit harder. If you have to be stuck in a decade, at least it's a decade that is somewhat coming back in style - really, it's amazing what is coming back, so just pick your favorites from the 80's and you are good to go! And with hair - I had some Ms. Frizzle going on today from 'Magic School Bus', curly hair is always fun to work with! Love ya ;)

Sara Bulla said...

To say that I enjoyed this post is an understatement. I loved it! I, too, seem to be oddly attracted by the 80's-Movies, styles, etc. And I own a VCR and hit all the second hand shops and buy 80's movies for .50. :)

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