Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Little Talker

The other day I checked the phone messages, and heard the following:  "You have 19 new messages." 
This statement should have shocked me, but it didn't.  I'm not the best person at checking messages, and I make this perfectly clear on our voicemail.  I tell callers that if they really want to get ahold of me, they should send a text.  Some people must think this is a joke, because they leave a message all the same, and then are surprised when I call them back 2 weeks later.

I have never been very good on the phone.  In high school, I would write down a script of what I wanted to say when calling a friend.  I would make multiple scripts when I had to call a boy - different scripts were used depending on their responses.  In college, I applied for a job as a receptionist.  I had my mom call in and schedule the interview for me, then showed up for the interview and got hired.  My job?  Answering phones.  It was the longest 6 months of my life.

For some reason I can't understand, Noel has taken to phones, or any object that looks like a phone.  She carries on conversations with her imaginary friends, waiting for them to respond, and saying 'bye' at the close.  I don't know where she picked up this habit, because it is very plain it isn't from me.  She obviously won't need to write scripts when calling boys in high school. 


The Neves Family said...

Awww... I think that she got the talking from me. I love talking. She is sooo cute!! I just love this lil girl!!

Maybury said...

WOOW! WOOH! WOOO! There is now a very deaf person on the other end! Whooo! WOO! I hope it wasn't a grandma.